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The purpose of this site is to provide quality Christian Scripts for Christian Skits to be used for Christian education and creative demonstrations in the church, in ministries and in Christian organizations.

Christian Scripts for Christian Skits are created for all ages, male and female, on timely topics.  Many of our scripts are created to cross age, language and ethnic barriers.  Some of our scripts are based on stories and characters from the Holy Bible.  All of our scripts demonstrate the moral values and principles of the Holy Bible.

Here you will find written scripts as well as audio and video dramatizations suitable for use in a church setting:

  • Educational Demonstrations:  We provide scripts for your rendition of dramatic, live demonstrations or videos that complement your teaching topics.
  • Storytelling:  Christian Scripts or Skits are available  for live demonstrations.  However, video or audio storytelling is also available for children, youth, adults, and even sedentary seniors that are sick, shut-in, or in nursing homes – because everyone enjoys a good story.
  • Short Video Presentations (Shorts): Use to: 1) Introduce a topic; 2) Use between topics when there is more than one speaker; 3) Use during short breaks, to introduce intermission or announce the end of an intermission; 4) Use as part of a larger production, like a play.
  •  Drama Team Scripts:  Written for use as short, theatrical skits for Children, Youth and Adult ministry presentations.
  • Theatrical Scripts: Suitable for Holidays and Special Event skits.
  • Poetry & Spoken Word:  Available for written documents like Wedding invitations, Invitations, Programs, Flyers and LIVE performances.*

*Use of House of Skits Christian Scripts, Skits & Poetry is subject to our terms and conditions.

We pray that you find House of Skits an inspirational place to discover new and creative ways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Arletia Mayfield,  Founder
The Prophetic Scribe Publications

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