TPS Journal Series

The Prophetic Scribe Journal Series™


The series is comprised of 6 consecutive journals containing a unique strategy that guides writers through Bible study, prayer and journal writing for the purpose of healing and wholeness.

Each chapter includes: Lesson Topic, Prayer of Preparation, Meditation Scriptures and Writing Prompts.

Footnotes include scriptures and references related to the topics throughout the entire book.

Other features included in each journal are: lined journal writing pages, Prayer of Confession and Repentance Forms, Questions for God page and blank pages.

Additionally, each journal includes a chapter entitled, “Salvation is more than just a prayer” that focuses exclusively on the importance of a “real” conversion for “true” Salvation.

The Prophetic Scribe Journal Series™


TPS Legacy Journal – Building a Family Legacy based on the Foundation of Christ

The Legacy Journal focuses on tearing down old legacies that hindered your relationship with God.  Then, building up a new legacy based on the foundation of Christ that is Salvation, Relationship, Love, Faith and Obedience to God.

TPS Testimony Journal – Documenting the Testimony of Christ

The Testimony Journal uses the original purpose of the “Testimony” as a basis for examining the kind of witness you need to be for Christ.  It focuses on what evidence must be presented and how this evidence must prove to the world that Jesus is Lord, Savior and God.

TPS Purification Journal – Journal to a Purified Heart

The Purification Journal – focuses on the necessity of a clean heart, a clear conscience and a forgiving nature.  This is an excavation process that uproots sin until extermination is complete and all sin in the heart is eradicated.  This process promotes genuine transformation.

TPS Holiness Journal – Journal to Holiness

The Holiness Journal takes the writer to a higher level of accountability, responsibility and obedience to God by demonstrating how apathy, disobedience and ignorance are sinful behavior and challenges Christians to raise their standards to be credible witnesses for Christ.

TPS Fruit of the Spirit Journal – Journal to Fruitfulness

The Fruit of the Spirit Journal exposes the fruit people see and judge you by.  If people are known by their fruit, what kind of fruit are they experiencing through you?  Sweet, ripened, life-giving fruit; or are you like the fig tree that Jesus cursed that had luscious leaves, but no fruit? The Fruit of the Spirit Journal delivers fresh streams of living water that nourish the roots and branches that bear the fruit of the true vine in your life for all to see.

TPS Prophecy Journal – Documenting prophecies and interpretations

The Prophecy Journal focuses on the spiritual realm.  Completion of the Legacy, Testimony, Purification, and Holiness Journals is highly recommended before pursuing this area. The Prophecy Journal focuses on hearing and recording the prophetic word of God, as well as accurately interpreting dreams and visions given by God.

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