The Treasure Doesn’t Hunt: Introduction

This series is for unmarried women. The stories are about women in the Bible that were blessed with the perfect man for them.


Woman, you are a precious treasure to God. He wants you to be his bride and he desires to be your bridegroom. The

of your heart.” It also says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you.” Bible says, “If you delight yourself in the Lord, he will give you the desire.


There is nothing more attractive than a woman that is devoted to God. Even the devil wants her, but his motives are to kill, steal and destroy what is beautiful to God. It is the devil who probably seeks after her the hardest. He tempts her with lust, he questions her faith so she will doubt and he provokes her to anger so she will be rebellious. Those of you that attend church have heard the sermons about how satan works and those of you that read the Bible are not ignorant of his devices (methods/strategies), but still you fall for his tricks again and again and again.

Thank God that He is merciful. Years ago you would have been stoned for the behavior that has become so acceptable (in Western and European cultures) today. Thank God for his son, Jesus Christ who loved the prostitute and the adulteress and His love alone transformed the wanton women into brides of Christ because they believed and they followed.

In this series, The Treasure Doesn’t Hunt, we will show you the great compassion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ so you can be forgiven and walk in freedom from the guilt of your past. Even if you bear the scars of your sin, STD’s, abortions, the destruction of families due to your actions and participation, God is willing and able to heal your physical and emotional scars if you will allow him to have his perfect work in your life. Some wounds may remain as a areminder of where you have been, but you will be able to show them as a testimony of your survival and God’s mercy and grace.

These Bible stories are arranged to take you from sin to a place of healing and finally deliver you to a place of hope. The stories are told from a present day perspective and demonstrate how the word of God is not only current and relevant today, but how they are eternal, leading us home to our final resting place with God in heaven. The alternative is also presented. God gives us freedom to choose him or the Lord of this world known by many names but he is the evil one who fell from heaven in pride, rebellion and disobedience. He is disgraced and angry with a God complex and envy toward the people of God. He is the same one that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden and he has more experience deceiving us than we have resisting him. His deception caused death and separation from the God that created us and it wasn’t until Jesus came that we had the opportunity to be reconciled with our heavenly Father, creator of heaven and earth once again. Now, that he has paid the price for our sin, we still have the choice to choose life with God forever in heaven or death with satan and his demons forever in hell. We cannot believe in a heaven with no hell. Everything has an opposite. It is a law of nature put in place by our creator, and He is just. He will not violate His own laws.

This series makes the case for choosing eternal life through Jesus Christ by redirecting the feelings of love and passion from the natural man to Jesus. The truth is women are looking for true love that makes them feel accepted, appreciated, worthy, respected, honored and desired. God loved you so much that he sent his only son to die on the cross to be the blood sacrifice required to atone for your sin. Then to seal it forever, Jesus rose to sit at the right hand of the Father, conquering death and the grave forever so you could have eternal life in heaven with God. He even sent the Comforter to live inside you to keep you holy, direct your path and guide you into all truth. This is the path that leads to your husband and all the peace, love and joy that you desire. It is through Jesus.

If you haven’t had success hunting for a man, using manipulation, your body and other tricks to land a husband, try Jesus. In your search for a man to fulfill you like Jesus, you may discover that he is the only one who can reach all those hard to reach spots deep within your broken heart. If you desire a whole man, then you need to be a whole and wholesome woman. Let God heal your wounds and prepare you for a very special man that he has selected for you. It is God’s desire that man should not be alone, so let Jesus lead the man to you because not all men professing to be Christians are obedient to his words, so test the spirits to be sure they are from God. The Bible says, “You will know them by their fruit.” So wait, watch and pray. Remember, that even satan appears as an angel of light and he knows every word of the Bible.

I pray that The Treasure Doesn’t Hunt brings deliverance and hope to women that desire husbands that will love them like Christ loves the church. It is my sincere desire that your eyes are opened and your legs are closed as you learn to rely on Jesus as your husband until he sends your mate.

God bless you,
The Prophetic Scribe

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