The Real Reason for the Season

100_2052It’s not about the lights, the presents, or the Christmas tree.
It’s all about the man who gave His life for you and me.

It’s not about the food, the drink, or the revelry.
It’s about what He did for us on Calvary.

It’s not about Santa Claus. It’s not about elves. It’s not about reindeer,
or how many gifts we receive for ourselves.

It’s all about how God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten son,
so that we could all be saved by the sacrifice of one.

The real reason for the season is the birth of Christ Jesus,
and the comforter He left behind, that He promised would never leave us.

The joy I feel in my heart today is solely for Him
because of what He did for me, I am free from sin.

The light that I’m reminded of shined in the Eastern sky.
The star of Bethlehem that served as a guide

to welcome the savior to this world who was the Love of God in the flesh.
And, when the cup was given Him, thank God, He passed the test.

The red Santa suit and Christmas wrapping remind me of His blood…
that covers my sin like a protective blanket, demonstrating His Perfect Love.

So, while we celebrate, remember the real reason for the season.
It’s the birthday of Jesus Christ, so don’t forget to please Him.

How do I please God, you ask? Well, this is what Jesus said,
“If you love me, you will obey my commandments that’s a quote from the book most read.

This Christmas, get to know the King of Kings. Let that be a good reason

to read your Bible, praise, and thank Him,
and reminded yourself that the birth of Jesus is the real reason for the season.
c 2007 The Prophetic Scribe

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