The Adventures of The Prophetic Scribe – The Saga

The Adventures of the Prophetic Scribe chronicles the conversion of a psychic that discovers her true identity in God. The Prophetic Scribe is Rose – a successful muse and writer. Her clientele includes the rich, famous and powerful. Her mother, Clara, is the business manager of “Gypsy Rose Enterprises,” a consulting and book publishing company that promotes mysticism and the occult to manipulate people and exploit their fears and weaknesses.

Clara has built a powerful empire capitalizing on her daughter’s beauty, charm and spiritual gifts. But, one day, a distant relative shows up with an inheritance for Rose, left by her late father.  The gift is life changing for Rose, but threatens to destroy everything that Clara has built.

As Rose is led by the spirit of God, the people she meets and the lessons she learns along the way make for a story filled with astounding revelations, laughter, tears and suspense. It is ultimately a story about repentance, deliverance and victory in the face of obstacles, estrangement and even disaster.



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