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Arletia Mayfield is a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor traveling the U.S. in a Class A Motorhome.  Find out more.




Malachi was crying his eyes out when we left church Wednesday night because there isn’t praise moves this time. He doesn’t understand why it is a different class. He really loved it!  K. Mason.

Children doing PraiseMoves


Praise moves has been an answer to my prayers for the opportunity to worship the Lord, while strengthening and exercising my body.  Not only have I seen my body get stronger, but I also really felt His power and love speaking to me through the daily devotions that went along with the 40 day challenge.  It truly was a “time set apart” for me to focus on being the temple of God that He created me to be. Thank You Arletia for being an awesome instructor!!!
Brittany B.

This is to Arletia our instructor and the women that I am so grateful to have encountered.  God BLESS and thank you all

God has been drawing me to breathe in more of his word.  I learned about Praise Moves and immediately got on line to search for a local instructor in Metro Atlanta last year.  There was none.

I expanded my search to Georgia  and the closest  instructors were nearly five hour south of Atlanta.  There is a vibrant ministry of women and while we talked via phone and the Internet I did not go.  You see, I had been overcoming some challenges in my body, temporary loss of mobility and declining strength.  I had even told myself that If there is no one in Atlanta perhaps I’ll be a someone for a seeker and I will go to the Annual Praise Moves conference and become certified.  Thank God for answered prayers.  I prayed and conferred with my husband and believed that God would  provide a local teacher or we would take me to the classes for a visit to help me better understand what I had seen in my PM videos.  We also agreed to no conference this year.  I tend to approach things from multiple angles and reconnected with the ministry in south Georgia.  Within less than two days of our prayers I found Arletia on the PM site and was also informed by the other ministry that she was in Atlanta.  I emailed Arletia and it was the week before the beginning of the 40 day Challenge. We talked and realized that God had done the work in the spirit.

I was in the first and most classes throughout the challenge with the exception of the last two.  I faithfully journeyed through the 40 day devotional and completed that challenge on time.  I also use the corresponding DVD many days each week.  I have even joined a few of the Sunday PM power up calls with Laurette.

There have been countless blessings that I have experienced through the first 40 day challenge.

  1. Meeting Arletia & Franklin Mayfield.
  2. Being in class with those that came to Southside.
  3. The 40 Day challenge materials.
  4. Joining a community of believers through the “witty invention” called Praise Moves soaked in the work of God.
  5. Being able to move more flowing with the word of God.
  6. Going deeper in the word and being blessed with how the word is  soaking into me.  (Glory to God)
  7. I knew that God was doing a new thing when during the second class I was able to stand through the entire class!
  8. God was also been pouring out how to share my testimony (his story through me)
  9. Plus I have a collage/vision board that I am thrilled about !!!

Ladies, I will fight the good fight of faith and know that our greater is coming.  I am further down the road of being a Fit Witness for Christ !!!! Hallelujah!

I look forward to seeing you down the road, at other classes and the like.


Doris S.

Genesis 9:16
Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.


SKILL LEVEL:  Classes are customized to give students a challenging workout.  Modifications are offered for children, elderly and students with limited mobility.

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