My Name is Jesus

bigstock-Forward-Shot-Of-Christ-26091I’m not your genie in a bottle or the god you call by name
to grant your every wish.
You quote your famous preachers on earth,
but the revelation of my Word is what you miss.

When you are blessed in your sin,
don’t give me the credit.
It’s the prince of your world
who keeps encouraging you to “go and get it”.

I’m speaking of those things that are desired
by your heart and your flesh; not desiring my will.
If you really want to know my will,
be quiet, and be still.

When is the last time you repented
by really turning away?
Or laid yourself prostrate?
Or got on your knees to pray?

You fornicate with my sons and daughters
And have the nerve to say, “God has blessed me.”
You are the branch that bears rotten fruit.
I will prune and cut thee.

I am Jesus. Do you know me?
Because if you did, others would see.
For all your words, creativity and knowledge
you fail to truly know me.

Stop playing church and spoiling my sheep!
Stop claiming your junk in my name.
When is the last time you asked, “Lord what do you want?”
You should be ashamed.

You hypocrites. I spit you out.
If you think you can continue to ask me to bless your mess,
You have no idea what I’m all about.

Ask and you shall have it,
IF you obey my commandments is what I said.
You have taken my promise and perverted it for your selfish cause.
Then you boast and sin all the more while you break my statutes and laws.

Your time is short.
Your pride is tall,
and by my Word
You shall surely fall.

I give according to my will, and your man-made blessings
come from Satan.
You can call my name all you want,
but the fruit you bear is forsaken.

Repent, and turn away from your sin
or I will soon turn my back.
You will see the wealth you think you have,
will quickly turn to lack.

My name is Jesus.
I am the way, the truth and the life.
My sheep hear my voice,
and they follow my light.

Keep following your selfish ambitions,
and mocking my Father’s Word,
and my angels will sound a trumpet
like you have never heard.

I’m calling you to judgment.
You have blatantly misused grace and mercy.
Repent, and turn away
or I will surely curse thee.

©2009 Arletia McInnis, The Prophetic Scribe

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