Hidden Baggage

100_1501Hiding your baggage that you think no one else can see
Coming to God with dirty hands on bent knee
You were commanded to get rid of it long ago,
But you examine it in secret where you think no one will know.

Hiding your baggage, but it remains in plain site
Of the prophets that God sends to teach you how to travel light.
Your baggage is so heavy that you cannot even name it,
But because it is familiar, you continue to claim it.

You’re still hiding baggage that you haven’t used in years.
Dragging it around to remind you of the tears.
Your baggage is so old
that you don’t even remember what’s in it anymore.
So, why don’t you just throw that old baggage out of the door?

Say, good-bye, turn around and walk away.
Focus on what God has for you today.
Look straight ahead,
instead of the other way.
Let God guide you into a new day.

Baggage be gone in the name of Jesus!
Throw it out – in favor of obedience.
His yoke is easy, and your burdens he will bear.
All you have to do is get that baggage out of there.
So, clean out those closets containing old baggage today.
The books, cd’s and unholy items must be thrown away.
Don’t pass them along to someone else.
Other souls are at stake, besides yourself.
The things, people and spirits that don’t agree with God’s word,
Must be cast out of your life. Notice must be served.

Loose peace and joy into your life.
Decree and declare that you are justified by Christ.
Bind all of those things that you have tossed out
To the abyss where there is no way out.
Now, walk in power and authority when the baggage is gone.
You should be asking yourself why it took so long?
Thank the Lord for opening your eyes.
Now, this here is your victory cry.

I’ve been delivered
I’ve been set free.
According to God’s word that lives in me.
No more baggage or bondage holding me.
By the power of Christ,
I can be all that God intends for me to be.
Now, I can see how that baggage was haunting me.
And, this testimony is a prophecy.
If God did it for me, he will do it for you.
Release the old, and live in expectation of the new.
And remember always
that God love you, too.

He will never forsake you
Or leave you alone.
He lives inside, so he’s closer than the phone.
So, call on HIS name, Jesus!
And he will answer you.
Now that you have received His instructions,
What will YOU do?

© 2008 Arletia McInnis, The Prophetic Scribe

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