About PraiseMoves

PraiseMoves was created by Laurette Willis in 2001.  It is a Christ-centered alternative to the practice of yoga.  laurettewillis

Our foundation scripture is 1 Corinthians 6:20, “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

For people who have been looking for a safe alternative to yoga, PraiseMoves is an answer to prayer.  It is also a way to introduce people who do not attend church, know the Bible or are non-believers to experience the life-changing Word of God in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Why do Christians need an alternative to yoga?

Did you know that yoga poses are offerings to the 330 million Hindu gods? Can you see a twisting of Romans 12:1 here “present your bodies a living sacrifice”?

In India, people perform yoga poses in front of statues of the gods in the streets! Some bring offerings of flowers, some fruit, some themselves. Consider Acts 15:29 that tells us to “abstain from things offered to idols.”

Some Physical Benefits of PraiseMoves

Improves Flexibility

Flexibility refers to the ease with which one may move a joint through a specific range of motion. The greater one’s flexibility, the greater the range of motion a joint can move through. Tight muscles make many tasks difficult. By keeping the body flexible, many daily tasks such as bending and lifting are much easier.

Assists Weight Loss

Improving your flexibility with PraiseMoves can also help you during other forms of exercise such as walking, cycling and strength training, thereby improving your ability to exercise with more energy, burn more calories, and lose weight

Alleviates Stress

Stretching facilitates the delivery of nutrients to muscles, and assists in the removal of waste products that build up in muscle tissue during exercise. Stretching assists the lymphatic system’s ability to remove toxins from the body.

Keep tissues healthier.

Stretching encourages the release of tissue lubricants. It prevents muscle fibers from adhering to one another and forming cross linkages that inhibit the natural fluid movement of muscles. Stretching helps to keep the elastin component of our muscles, and prevents the formation of stiff fibers. Stretching helps to keep tissues well hydrated and more functional.

Source:  Laurette Willis, praisemoves.com


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