Why I can’t Zumba. A Testimony of The Prophetic Scribe

I know that a lot of my Christians friends enjoy Zumba and I’m not condemning it, but I thought miraI would share why I can’t Zumba.  I have danced since I was 5 years old – Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern dance.  You name it, I took classes in it.  In high school and college I was in a performing dance troupe.  We danced on stages (large and small) – from senior centers to city auditoriums.  As I got older, my dance became more sensual.  It was only by the grace of God that I didn’t end up dancing on a poll somewhere.  I had no problem with nudity or seduction, but I do believe I had the Holy Spirit.  I was raised in the church and I knew God intimately.  I used to talk to God as a child, and often wrote Him letters in my journal.  So, even though as an adult, I was a backslider, there were just some things the Holy Spirit would not let me do.  Anyway, when I recommitted my life to Christ, He took my dance away.  I stopped going to nightclubs so I didn’t have that outlet and I just stopped dancing for years.  Then one day, as I was listening to some gospel music on my way to work, the Lord said to me, “You’re going to dance for me.”  I was excited.  I understood immediately why I had not danced for so long.  The Lord needed to purge me completely of my dance of the past.  It was a few weeks later that an announcement was made at church to join the praise dance team. I knew that was the open door that I was supposed to walk through.  My dance had changed drastically.  It was sanctified.  It was different.  I did not move my body the way I used to.  It was all new.  I have been dancing for the Lord ever since.

Then, one day I was invited to a Zumba class with some women from church.  I was uncomfortable doing the movements, kind of the way yoga made me feel, but different (one was more carnal the other, more spiritual).  It was too much like my dance of the past.  My body, my spirit and my soul didn’t like it anymore.  It was like going back to the way that I used to be. I had a vision of taking off my priestly garment and revealing a corset, garter and stockings underneath.  It stirred up that sensual nature that used to get me into so much trouble back in the day.

I still love all kinds of music.  I still love to dance.  I want to be sensual with my husband and intimate with God, but my body only responds to movement that honors God or pleases my husband (in private).  Believe me, I have come a long way and none of this was my will, but God’s will and His desire for me as His handmaiden and His bride.

So, imagine my pleasure when he rewards me with an alternative to Zumba.  “Mira” is a PraiseMoves workout with a latin beat and the Word of God.  I tell you, PraiseMoves has been such a blessing to me because it is proof that the Lord has rewarded me for my sacrifices.  (Giving up the things that I loved to please him – not for salvation – for we know that no amount of works can save us, but for LOVE – my love for him.  My adoration of Him.  My desire to please Him).  God has given me the desires of my heart because I delight myself in Him.  For everything I sacrificed to honor him, he has given me a double portion.  Like I said, I am not condemning anyone for doing Zumba.  I’m just telling my story because the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy.  It is also how we overcome the evil one according to Revelation 12:11.  So, I am fulfilling my assignment – Walking in my destiny – proclaiming His Goodness and Righteousness and speaking to dry bones that they might live.

Blessings, The Prophetic Scribe.


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