What’s New in 2014 at The Prophetic Scribe


A new year is approaching and The Prophetic Scribe Ministries is nearly nine years old.  Here are a few highlights:

  • 2005 – Produced two Internet Radio Programs (The Prophetic Scribe Poetry Hour/The Prophetic Scribe Writer’s Forum) (NV)
  • 2005 – Book Published: For the Love of God, A collection of praise and worship poems (1st Edition) (NV)
  • 2006 – Appointed West Coast Director of Voices of Christ Literary Ministries, Inc. (GA)
  • 2010 – Resigned from VOC – Got Married – Established new headquarters in Atlanta, GA Metro
  • 2010 – Became Co-Owner/Administrator of Global Christian Internet Television Network (trueGOD.tv)
  • 2011 – Founded Digital (ebook) Publishing Company (TPS Publications)
  • 2012 – Resumed The Prophetic Scribe Writer’s Forum online
  • 2012 – Began Praise Flag Dance Ministry
  • 2013 – Launched The Prophetic Scribe Channel at trueGOD.tv (featuring book trailers, spoken word, music, etc.)
  • 2013 – Published The Adventures of the Prophetic Scribe (Saga) online
  • 2013 – Launched TPS Devotionals (HubPages)
  • 2013 – eBay Store Opened (fundraising)

So what’s next?

Health and Fitness – PraiseMoves™ courses will be offered in the Atlanta area through a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor.  This is a Christ-centered alternative to the practice of yoga.  Why?  Because yoga is Hinduism.  (Find out more in the TPS Magazine.)

The Prophetic Scribe Magazine – The Prophetic Scribe web site will become a magazine that features more articles, information and videos of interest to Christian Writers.

The Adventures of The Prophetic Scribe (Saga) – Weekly installments of this free online fictional story about a psychic turned prophet will be posted for review and constructive comments.

That’s all I have for now, but stay tuned.  I will faithfully report as the Lord speaks,  Please pray for The Prophetic Scribe Ministries and trueGOD.tv that the Lord has his way through us and provides for these ministries and all who partake of them.  Pray for the souls that come to our online ministries, that they be saved and grow in faith through Jesus Christ.  Also, consider making donations or purchase products from our pages to help us with expenses associated with promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through media, literature and the arts.

God bless you.
Arletia Mayfield, The Prophetic Scribe



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