Walking alone

I grew up being an advisor to kids my age, and even older people. Over the years there have been people who have sworn undying loyalty to me while I walked them through difficult times in their lives, but for no apparent reason they just stopped calling. My feelings almost got hurt, but the Lord ministered to me and told me that most relationships are for a season. He showed me the impact that I made on the lives of others and he said, “do it unto me. I see you.” So, I’ve learned not to expect people to reciprocate. Many of them are not equipped to do so. I have learned that if I don’t have expectations, I can’t be disappointed. However, sometimes letting go still hurts a little

I’m excited about the new season that I am entering. However, today I feel the ache in my heart about all of the things and people that I have to let go. In this season, I’m not fighting to keep anything. It’s all just “stuff” to me. Stuff that I’ve had before and stuff that I can get again. This attitude kind of appears like I don’t place much value in anything or anyone, and it might even sound a little cold. Of course, I value friends and relationships, but let’s face it. They come and they go too.

I’m nearly a half century old and, looking back, I can see a pattern. That’s growth because I used to see a cycle. There is a difference. A cycle is a circle. A circle of events that reoccur over and over and over again in your life. A pattern is more like a blueprint or map of events that may take on a different cast of people or location or even circumstance, but the principle remains consistent.

I envision my life as a patterned quilt made up of all the lovely things that I am, that I experience and that I treasure. The old pieces that mar the pattern are slowly being replaced by brighter pictures that complement the pattern. I thank God for the uniqueness of every piece and the replacement of the old pieces that are no longer relevant. And I also thank God that in the midst of this great pattern of my life that I still stand out – even if I do look a little odd – at least I’m not the same as everything and everybody else. It’s just a reminder that I have been set apart by God for His purpose.

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