Tell me a Bedtime Story

pacificsunsetYou are my bedtime story.
The voice of assurance that lulls me to sleep,
and nullifies my fears.

With the confidence in the testimony of Jesus Christ,
My soul responds to the Holy Spirit
of the voice that speaks to my inner ear.

I am at the Master’s feet.
Crying tears of repentance, and wiping His feet with my hair.
Speaking in unknown tongues to express what is unknown to me
In the natural,
But in the Spirit all things are made known to me.

The Apostolic and the Prophetic work together
And the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in the midst
Revealing the mysteries of the gospel.
Speaking wisdom into the soul of this woman.

The bedtime story continues
Night after night
Until the nightmares of the past
Become dreams and visions of the future.

How amazing God is.
How great is His majesty.
His mercy and grace endure forever.
My testimony is of His goodness and faithfulness.

So, tell me another bedtime story.
My heart has been tuned to your voice.
I am receptive, and attentive.
Knowing the voice of my Master,
and refusing to follow another.

Tell me a bedtime story of God’s promises
Of pleasures to come,
According to our Father’s Word.

Tell me a bedtime story of Deliverance
According to His truth.

Tell me a bedtime story of Faith
In the things hoped for,
And the evidence of things unseen.

Tell me a bedtime story of the Peace
That surpasses all understanding.

Tell me a bedtime story of Love,
That is patient, kind and endures

Tell me another bedtime story
That will transform my life
Into more and more
of Christ.

© 2008 Arletia McInnis, The Prophetic Scribe

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