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The Way to Healing

Good health starts on the inside. You must love yourself the way God loves you. You are valuable to Him.
The Prophetic Scribe talks about obtaining wholeness through spiritual food, natural foods and supplements, fasting and exercise.

Hearing God Speak by Pastor Theresa Hatcher

All testimonies in this book are related to things the Lord Jesus has spoken directly to Pastor Hatcher, either audibly, through dreams or visions, or through His Word. If you have ever doubted whether God still speaks to His people today, as He did to theprophets of old, in this Book, you will witness many testimonies, revealing that the Lord stillspeaks.

Woman on Fire by Trinette Collier

A woman on fire for God is a woman worth listening to because that same fire can burn up the trash in your life, including those wrong thoughts that need to be incinerated. Below is a brief introduction to the new book release, Woman on Fire by Trinette Collier.